Wellness programs

Begin your journey to better health

Enroll in a GEHA medical plan and have access to a variety of savings opportunities and wellness resources.^ Whether you are interested in vision benefits, gym discounts or health rewards, GEHA is here to help. Explore your options and start your journey to better health.

Health Rewards

Get rewarded for your healthy behaviors and earn up to $250 in incentives. Simply complete a health risk assessment, biometric screening and participate in preventive screenings or online wellness classes. Earned incentives can be used toward out-of-pocket medical expenses and health-related items at an online store.
Pregnancy and Childbirth

GEHA maternity benefits include discounts on breast pumps and Health Rewards points just for visiting your provider. GEHA also offers educational maternity resources to help you prepare for childbirth.
Gym Discounts

Improve your health with access to over 9,000 fitness centers for $25 a month (plus a $25 enrollment fee and taxes). Online fitness classes, exercise equipment and a fitness tracking app are also available at your convenience.

Achieve your weight loss goals by accessing our online Virtual Lifestyle Management (VLM) program. This year-long program helps you lose weight and gain healthy habits for a lifetime.

Manage your chronic conditions with our Better Choices, Better Health online program. Learn proven techniques to help improve your chronic condition at no cost to you.
Vision Coverage

Maintain your vision health though our Connection Vision program, powered by EyeMed. You will receive savings on lenses, frames, tints, scratch coating, and $5 annual eye exams.
Hearing-Aid Discounts

Experience improved hearing and 30% to 60% off the average retail price of top manufactured hearing aids through Connection Hearing, powered by TruHearing. With more than 5,600 provider locations you’re sure to find a convenient location near you.