Second opinion

GEHA partner offers expert second opinions about your treatment options.

When it comes to making medical decisions, such as if surgery is right for you, you want to be sure.

GEHA has partnered with Best Doctors, an innovative second-opinion service and your go-to benefit for peace of mind. Founded on the ideal that a person's location should not limit the quality of their care, Best Doctors' mission is to bring together the best medical minds in the world to get you the right diagnosis and treatment so you can make confident medical decisions.

Best Doctors provides services for a wide range of medical conditions.

A case manager will review your information to determine if your request is appropriate for Best Doctors' services.
With your permission, Best Doctors will collect your medical records and then match your case to the most-appropriate medical expert. That expert reviews your diagnosis and treatment plan in detail and either confirms your diagnosis and treatment, or recommends a change. There is no need to visit a second doctor or leave home. You'll receive a confidential in-depth and easy to understand report with the expert's findings that you can share with your treating physician if you choose.

If you want a little more help making a surgical decision, you also have free access to one-on-one coaching as well as interactive online educational modules featuring in-depth, easy to follow information about your specific condition.

Best Doctors will equip you with the tools you need to make a confident medical decision. By completing the program, you will be more educated on your condition and all of the treatment options available to you.

If you are facing a qualifying condition and would like to take advantage of the free and confidential Best Doctors service, you have these contact options:
  • Call a GEHA Care Management Nurse at 888.216.8246
  • Contact Best Doctors directly online at or by phone at 866.904.0912