What's new in 2022

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What's new for GEHA's 2022 medical plans:

  • Elevate Plus no longer offers out-of-network medical coverage.
  • Elevate and Elevate Plus plan subscribers can choose an annual plan perk. Options include a Fitbit wearable device with Fitbit Premium Membership, a $125 Dick's Sporting Goods or REI gift card, or a Daily Burn virtual fitness subscription.
  • High plan's Medicare Part B premium reimbursement has increased to $800.
  • High, Standard and HDHP members pay the specialist copay for chiropractic care ($20 for High, $30 for Standard and 5% coinsurance for HDHP). This includes X-ray coverage. The cost share will be waived for High and Standard plan members with Medicare A and B primary.
  • Nutritional counseling is covered at 100% in-network, for all plans. This coverage is subject to the deductible for HDHP members when the counseling is not preventive.

For a complete list of plan changes on GEHA’s medical plans, see our three plan brochures: RI 71-006 (High and Standard Options), RI 71-014 (HDHP) and RI 71-018 (Elevate and Elevate Plus).

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