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High dental 2023

Exceptional coverage and no deductibles

View the 2024 High plan

Why you might like High:

  • Includes three dental cleanings per year
  • Includes an unlimited annual maximum benefit per person
  • Provides GEHA's greatest coverage for intermediate and major dental care services
  • Offers orthodontic coverage for both children and adults, with no waiting period

Who should consider High dental?

  • People planning for dental procedures in the near future
  • Adults and children who want a lower out-of-pocket cost for orthodontic coverage
  • People with medical conditions that may affect or can be affected by their dental health
  • People looking for the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive coverage

2023 GEHA dental plan rates

For benefit year 2023 rates, refer to the Rate Information section of the 2023 plan brochure.

2023 dental benefit Benefit description What you pay In-network or out-of-network1
Basic Class A. Covers two exams, three cleanings and two2 sets of bitewing X-rays per calendar year Nothing Class A. One oral evaluation per patient in a 12-consecutive-month period Nothing
Intermediate Class B. Covers restorations, extractions and periodontal maintenance 20%
Major Class C. Covers root canals, crowns, bridges, dentures and periodontal surgery3 50%
Orthodontic Class D. Covers adults and children orthodontic. No waiting periods. 30% with $3,500 lifetime maximum
Calendar year maximum Applies only to Class A, B and C services Unlimited per person

There are no deductibles for High.

1 If your out-of-network dentist charges more than GEHA's agreed-upon plan allowance for a specific service, you are responsible for the difference between the plan allowance and the out-of-network dentist’s charge plus regular coinsurance.

2 Two bitewings covered annually for members 22 and under. One set of bitewings is covered per year for adults ages 23+.

3 Implants are limited to $2,500 per person per year in-network or out-of-network on High.

This is a brief description of services covered under the GEHA Connection Dental Federal plan. For a complete list of plan limitations and exclusions, please refer to the GEHA Connection Dental Federal plan brochure available online at

Coordination of benefits — As with all FEDVIP plans, dental benefits available from your FEHB carrier will be considered before we calculate benefits paid by GEHA.

Orthodontic services – GEHA does not cover orthodontic services previously started with another carrier, except for High Option members with orthodontics started under TRICARE.

Choosing a dentist — You have the choice of providers. However, for many services, your out-of-pocket costs may be lower when you visit in-network locations. Network providers will not bill you more than the Plan's maximum allowable charge for covered services.

Claim forms — No special claim forms are required. Just send in the itemized bill from your provider.

Included benefits & discounts

Vision discount

You get discounts on eye exams, frames and lenses through EyeMed®.1

Electric toothbrush discount

Enjoy 70% off a cariPRO® premium electric toothbrush.1,2

Teeth whitening discounts

Get a 20% discount on the lowest published price on all Smile Brilliant® home teeth whitening and oral care products.1

Hearing aid discounts

Get discounts on hearing aids through TruHearing®. Some average more than $2,600 in savings per pair.1

Medical alert system discount

Get free activation on Life Alert® services, plus a 10% monthly discount, for you and your extended family.1

1 These benefits are neither offered nor guaranteed under contract with the FEDVIP program, but are made available to all enrollees who become members of GEHA and their eligible family members.

2 The cariPRO® premium toothbrush removes seven times more plaque than a regular brush, is completely waterproof and comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty. Replacement brush heads with high-quality DuPont™ bristles are also available at this exclusive, member-only price.

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2023 Dental Benefits Guide

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